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How long does it normally take to service a microscope?

About half an hour, sometimes longer.

Does your professional cleaning service come with a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes! Valley Microscope guarantees professional cleaning service up to 30 days from time of last service date.

Do you offer any warranties on parts needed for my microscope?

Yes! Used parts or refurbised microscopes bought from Valley Microscope carry a warranty good for one year, and new parts other than Accu-scope products carry a warranty good for two years from time of purchase excluding microscope bulbs and fuses. New Accu-scope brand microscopes or parts purchased from Valley Microscope have a full 5 year warranty for parts, labor and electronic components (bulbs, and fuses are excluded). These warranties does not cover abuse, misuse, or neglect.

How often should I have my microscope professionally cleaned serviced for optimal performance?

Valley Microscope recommends professional cleaning service twice a year for heavy use and at least once a year for light use.

I'm a very skeptical person and haven't done business with you before. Can you provide business references before we do any business with you?

Yes! Valley Microscope appreciates and encourages potential clients to be cautious before doing business with anyone now days. Valley Microscope would be happy to provide you with at least 3 business references whom we've done business with before.

How far do you travel to for on-site servicing?

Valley Microscope generally travels within a 150 mile radius from our business location to provide on-site servicing throughout the states of Virginia, eastern panhandle of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and District of Columbia. However, if you're outside of this territory, you may ship your microscope to us for service. In some cases, we will travel up to 700 miles away if you have at least 50 or more microscopes that need service.


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