Accu-scope 3000-LED Microscope
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Accu-scope 3000-LED Microscope

Why LED bulb for microscope?

  • EVEN BALANCED LIGHTING - Easy on eyes compared to halogen lighting
  • NO HEAT - Stays cool unlike halogen or incandescent bulbs that get dangerously hot which pose a fire hazard
  • LONG BULB LIFE - Over 25,000 hours of use without burning out
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - Consumes less energy utilizing only 3 watts of power
  • SAVES MONEY - Less frequent bulb change and less power usage


  • Plan Inifinity Objectives 4x,10x,40xR,100xR oil
  • 20mm Wideview Ocular Eyepieces
  • Adjustable Mechanical Stage for ease of use and control
  • 3watt LED with variable intensity control



  • Plan Infinity Objectives - Gives you ability to view nearly 100% of the field of view in focus unlike achromat or semi-plan objs.
  • Plan objectives can help aide a lab technician to be more efficient simply being able to view more area of the specimen in focus at one time & less fine focus adjustment needed


"I was amazed of the high quality and workmanship put into this fine microscope at such an incredible value. Best microscope investment made and my lab techs love it."
-Dr.Winters, Mechanicsville, VA

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Recommended for veterinarians, family clinics, biologists, laboratory researcher, etc.